OOZOO Timepieces FW22 - New advertising campaign

OOZOO Timepieces FW22 - New advertising campaign

Danae Pappa stars in the new advertising campaign of ΟΟΖΟΟ Timepieces


In the new photoshoot that took place a few days ago, the camera lens of the well-known photographer Kosmas Koumianou follows Danae in her daily life, wearing a special OOZOO watch at every moment of the day. The unique Pantelis Toutountzis took care of the makeup and hair, while the styling was done by the talented Panos Albanis.


For the new season, OOZOO proposes new designs and color combinations from the OOZOO Timepieces series in men's and women's models with original details on the dials, with a leather strap and new steel bracelets. Also in the renewed OOZOO Vintage collection you will find timeless designs and shapes in all dimensions for every taste and every style. Always available at the affordable prices offered by OOZOO.


Photographer/Direction: Kosmas Koumianos 

Styling: Panos Albanis

Makeup/Hair: Pantelis Toutountzis

Videographer: Stathis Kalligeris


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03 Oct 2017

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