New innovative cooperation ΑΚΤΟ – ΟΟΖΟΟ

New innovative cooperation ΑΚΤΟ – ΟΟΖΟΟ

The watch brand OOZOO launches its collaboration with AKTO, the leading art and design educational institution in Greece, and enables young greek designers to design innovative OOZOO watches.


In difficult times, OOZOO actively supports young product designers with a dynamic collaboration with an educational institution for the first time in our country. Through the AKTO Innovation Lab, OOZOO and AKTO give young designers the opportunity to showcase their talents, skills and discover their own creative voice without restrictions.


OOZOO timepieces made their appearance in the greek market in 2007 and were immediately loved due to their combination of modern, minimal design with an affordable price.


OOZOO always presents models for women and men who love fashion and urban style. OOZOO watches are fashion items and, like any fashion brand, it seeks innovative ideas in design and supports the free creativity.


The philosophy of OOZOO fits perfectly with AKTO's commitment to cultivate creative and successful professionals in the field of art and design based on strong academic foundations and distinguished for their connection to the market.


For 46 years, the AKTO is the largest Art & Design educational group in Greece. A school with international academic distinctions, with the most recent one that ranked him in the 11 best Design Schools in the world.


Having gained the confidence of the labor market, AKTO promotes the work of its students and graduates, enriching its curricula each year by awarding real projects, in cooperation with major corporations, institutions, organizations and universities abroad.



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20 Mar 2019

Η OOZOO γιορτάζει το καλοκαίρι και φωτογραφίζει την Κατερίνα Στικούδη στη νέα διαφημιστική καμπάνια


30 Nov 2018

Όταν  τα όνειρα των νέων γίνονται πραγματικότητα και μάλιστα για καλό σκοπό.


15 Oct 2018

Η συλλογή OOZOO Steel επέστρεψε


Η συλλογή που καθιέρωσε την ΟΟΖΟΟ στην Ελλάδα αναβαθμίστηκε και επανακυκλοφορεί.